Sunday, October 7, 2012

CD REVIEW: Jailbait by Anni Piper

Anni Piper
Black Market Music

I do not usually review music but music is a big part of my life. Listening to this particular CD, I felt inspired to review it.

I picked up my copy of Jailbait on a whim several months ago after spying it in the racks. It dates back to 2004 so is hardly a new release but it was housed in the blues section, was an Australian compilation by a white female singer. I was intrigued and I decided to give it a go,

Jailbait is a fine collection of original tracks, all written or co-written by singer, Anni Piper.

While Piper's voice is not a growling 'blues' voice, it is nonetheless a pleasant voice which suits her material.

The music is a mixture of styles. Prominient in the first six tracks is the slide guitar work of Marcus 'Bro' Adamson. Any good slide is going to get my attention.

As an overall album, Jailbait is not going to reach out and grab you by the throat. But it is nonetheless a good listen, importantly of all original works.

If you like blues then this definitely worth having a listen to.

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